Save The Monarch Migration One Butterfly At A Time Plant Milkweed

Monarch butterfly numbers are at an all-time low and many pollinators are declining as well. The widespread planting of herbicide tolerant corn and soybean lines, intensive farming, and the ethanol mandate have lead to a rapid loss of habitat for monarchs, many species of bees and other pollinators. Their loss of habitat threatens the monarch migration and all the species dependent on the services of pollinators to provide the fruits, nuts, seeds, and foliage they feed on. One out of every three bites of food you eat is because of a pollinator. Monarchs and pollinators need our help. By planting milkweeds-the host plants for monarch caterpillars-and nectar plants for adult monarchs and pollinators you can help maintain the monarch migration and sustain the pollinators whose pollinating services maintain our ecosystem.


Partnering Organizations:

Butterfly Farms has partnered with the organizations below to design and create a permanent and expandable pollinator garden and Monarch Waystation using California native plants. Our goal is to demonstrate that a native, water wise landscape can be colorful, interesting and help reclaim and conserve our local habitat for everyone’s benefit.

Please check our partner links below for more information about how you can help!

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